Hi, I’m Tiffa.

Once upon a time I was a Department Chair at a small university.  I spent my days writing exams and teaching physics, chemistry, anatomy, and board exam review classes.

Now I am a stay-at-home mom.  I have two sons.  One is four and the other is rounding his way into being a toddler.

I started reading to my first son when he was a month old and the habit took.  The second son hasn’t had much of a choice and we’ve been reading to him since he was in utero.  We got rid of our television when my first son was born and we spend a lot of time reading and playing.  We’ve read thousands of picture books, board books, and comic books at this point and there are still so many I’m looking forward to reading with my sons.

I’m finally getting around to writing about the books we’ve read and enjoyed.

I hope you find my recommendations helpful.  Thank you for reading!


    • I joined the Amazon Affiliates program so that I could use the covers. In my experience, publishers are always happy to help supply images and they’re usually very responsive. If you have any doubts, please contact them. They’re great people and are happy to talk.


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