Ellen’s Broom by Kelly Starling Lyons and Illustrated by Daniel Minter


I really like this book.  My son also really enjoyed this book.  He asked me to read it to him twice.

This book is about a girl who’s parents were unable to get married before because of laws discriminating against them.  However, now that slavery has been abolished, her parents can be legally married.  On the day that her parents go to the Freedman’s Bureau to be recorded as being married, they bring along a broom.  The broom was how her parents had been married — which had consisted of a deacon and a broom.  The deacon would say a few words and then they would jump over the broom as a symbol of them leaping into life as a couple.

The illustrations are beautiful and the story is clear and well told.  All of the characters in the book are good. I didn’t edit anything while reading it to him.  There was no conflict between the characters — but the characters were completely realistic.  It really is a wonderful book.

Where Obtained:  Library.

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