Perfect Picture Book Friday: Penguin and Pinecone — A Friendship Story by Salina Yoon

Penguin and PineconePenguin and Pinecone: A Friendship Story by Salina Yoon. Ages 2 – 8. Walker Publishing Company, Inc. October 2012. Fiction
40 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0802728432
Summary: One day a penguin finds a pinecone that is very far from home.  He’s not sure what the pinecone is, but he knows that it is cold and knits a scarf for him.  He loves his new friend.  They play together and have a great time.  Unfortunately, one day the pinecone begins to sneeze.  Grandpa explains to the penguin that this environment is too cold for his pinecone.  Penguin, being a true friend, packs up the pinecone and brings him to a forest far away. Penguin makes a cozy nest for the pinecone and says good-bye.  (It’s rather sad.)  Lots of time passes and Penguin still thinks of Pinecone and wonders how he’s doing.  So one day he decides that it is time to go see for himself.  Instead of finding a giant pinecone like he imagined, Pinecone is now a pine tree.  They have a wonderful reunion and then Penguin has to say good-bye again.  But, there’s a very pleasant surprise ending that both adults and their little ones will love.
Our Experience Reading this Book: We highly, highly recommend this book.  I picked this book out of the new picture books section at our library.  I liked the illustrations from the get go.  I love this book.  It is so sweet and makes me miss everyone I’ve ever lost touch with and hope that they are doing well.  My son also loves this book.  His favorite part of the book is when the penguin knits a scarf for the pinecone and says, “Knit one, purl two.”  He’s been practicing knitting since.  Yesterday we read this book about five times in a row.
I think this is a perfect book to give someone that is moving away or when you are moving away and want to give your friends a gift.  Or if you have a friend that is far away and you don’t see them often, it would be a great book to send them.  If you knit a scarf and give it to them along with this book — that’s an extra bonus.  This book serves as a wonderful reminder that time and distance are no match for true friends.
All of the characters in this book are fantastic.  There is no need to edit or change any of it for a two year old.  Added bonus:  My son now knows that pine trees come from pinecones.
Where Obtained:  Library.
FTC Disclosures:  Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” If you click on the link and purchase the book, I will receive an affiliate commission.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
Themes/topics:  Friendship, Saying good-bye to a friend,  Revisiting an old friend, Distance and time are no match for true friends
Opening Sentence:  “One day, Penguin found a curious object.”
Synopsis:  One day Penguin discovers and befriends a pinecone.  Seeing that pinecones do not belong where it is so cold Penguin returns the pinecone to the forest.  After sometime has passed Penguin revisits his friend pinecone to see that it is now a pine tree!
1. is Salina Yoon’s blog.  You can see how she has dressed up penguin.
2.  Here you can learn about the Pinecone Festival along with some fun facts.
3.  Here you can find lots and lots of crafts to do with pinecones.
Perfect-Pic-Book-BadgeI’m sharing this post with Perfect Picture Book Fridays over at Susanna Leonard Hill’s fantastic blog!  Her website is an incredible resource for picture book reviews and all things children’s books.  I’m always impressed at what I find on her site.  Please take a moment and check it out.


  1. I haven’t read this, but I LOVE THAT COVER!!! And the story sounds SO sweet! I’m definitely going to have to search this one out. Thank you so much for sharing it and adding it to our list! (And welcome to PPBF! I’m sorry I don’t know your name and apologize if you’re someone I already know and don’t recognize without a name to go by! :))


    • Thank you! I’m completely new to blogging and to PPBF! We haven’t met until now. I love your site. I’m impressed with your list and all of the reviews you’ve collected. PPBF is fantastic! I look forward to contributing and reading more.


    • Thank you, Alice for reading and for nominating me. I am flattered and I really appreciate it! Congratulations on your award, too! Figment and Toulouse are awesome names for cats. 🙂 I’ll have to think about who I’m going to nominate. There are lots of great blogs out there. Thank you again for nominating me. It’s a fun award! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for coming by my blog and also for following it. 🙂 I’m following yours as well…because your mission is what I am all about…LESS SCREEN TIME AND MORE PLAY-TIME AND READING PICTURE BOOKS TIME AND CRAFTING AND COOKING WITH YOUR KIDS TIME. 🙂
    This looks like a wonderful book…and I love your list of resources….thanks for a great review!


    • Thank you! I’m so happy to see other parents limiting screen time for their kids. Not all parents can limit their kids screen time, but I’m so happy when I find other parents who can and do. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!


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