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Poopendous!Poopendous! by Artie Bennett and illustrated by Mike Moran.  Ages 1.5+. Blue Apple Books. March 2012. 32 pages.  ISBN: 978-1609051907 $16.99

Quick Summary: In this book you follow Professor Pip Poopdeck as he talks, in clever rhyme, about different kinds of poop and how animals and humans use poop around the world.

Our Experience Reading this Book:  I have read this book to my son several times a day for the past couple of weeks.  He loves this book and I love reading it to him.  It is a perfect book to read to my son while he’s potty training and it has led to some hilarious conversations about all the different names for poop.  This book is funny, fun, and very informative!  Truly, it’s stupendous! We highly, HIGHLY recommend it!   

When I sat down with my son to read this book for the first time, we ended up reading it five times in a row.  Then my son went back and turned to specific pages to ask questions about the pictures.  He was especially intrigued when we read a page that said, “Poop from critters is called dung, and monkey dung is sometimes flug.”  He learned that dung is another name for poop and that flug is another term for thrown.  He learned that manure is poop from cows and horses and is used to help crops grow.

Later on while my son was playing Legos by himself he was reciting parts of this book.  It was cute hearing him say, “Hey, farmer have you tried manure?”

The illustrations are stylish and are a great medium to gracefully and tactfully address and introduce poop. It’s impressively done.

The vocabulary in this book is excellent.  Words such as putrid, guano, decompress, deposits, convey, revolting, vile, and wondrous are found throughout the book.  The rhymes trip off the tongue easily and at times are very witty.

There was nothing for me to edit or change while reading this book to my two-year-old son.  The information is presented in a straight-forward and good-humored manner.

Adults and children will learn something new and interesting about a topic that is important but rarely discussed.  Obviously, I’m thrilled with this book and enjoy reading it with my son.  I hope more and more people read it and enjoy it as much as I did.

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