Captain Cat by Inga Moore

Meet Captain Cat — he is a trader who happens to trade his wares for cats.  There’s nothing he loves more than traveling on his ship, the Carlotta, with his cats.  Other traders think he’s crazy for trading valuable goods for cats — but Captain Cat gets the last laugh.  (Except, actually, Captain Cat is too busy being himself to even have that register.  He’s a good man.)  One day he takes his cats on the adventure he’s been meaning to go on and finds good people and his happily ever after.  There are twists and turns to this gorgeously illustrated story that made our whole family laugh (hard). I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to give anything away because it’s fantastic and I don’t want to spoil it at all for you.  So go read it right now.  (Or at least very, very, very soon.)

Ages 3+. Candlewick Press.  October 2013. 48 pages. ISBN:  978-0763661519. Fiction.

Where to Get it:

Why You Should Read Captain Cat:

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous illustrations.  The imagery is absorbing and enchanting.
  • The story is sweet, hilarious, and sends the message that: Good things come to those who are true to themselves and what they love.
  • Excellent characters.  People are nice, the teasing that Captain Cat gets is minimal and important for the story.
  • Is a classic story — this book could have been written 100 years ago or a 100 years from now.  It is timeless.
  • This story challenges assumptions about what is valuable and what isn’t.  (Which is a fabulous discussion to have with anyone.)
  • There are parts of the story where the writer talks to her audience adding an additional layer of engagement for the readers. It certainly had my son talking back!
  • Adults, teens, and older children will enjoy this book as much — if not more — than the younger children.
  • The twists and turns this story takes are heaps of fun.

How My Three-and-a Half-Year-Old Son Responds to this Book:

When I asked him what he thought about it — he told me that he wanted for me to keep this book a secret.  He doesn’t want to have to return it to the library.  Once I assured him that we will be buying our own copy he said I was allowed to tell other people about it.

So, now that I’m allowed to tell you what he thinks:

He loves the ship in the story and Captain Cat’s cozy cabin.  He has declared that he wants a ship like the Carlotta.  (Don’t. We. All.)   He loves how kind the Captain is and is intrigued by the queen the captain meets and how the cats are able to help the queen.  He doesn’t understand why the other sailors laughed at Captain Cat for trading things for cats — in fact, he thinks we should trade our things for more cats! (We have one, which our cat would declare — if she could — plenty enough for one household.)

We’ve read this book over and over (and over again!)  It’s an enchanting adventure story that leaves us thoughtful and happy.  What a treat!

Author/Illustrator Websites:

Other Reviews of this Book: (Lots of people love this book!)

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  1. jennie dare

    Just picked this up today at the library! ‘A House In The Woods’ is one of our mutual favorites, but I didn’t notice Inga Moore was the author til I read your review–can’t wait to dig into it!

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