Vincent, Theo and the Fox by Ted Macaluso and Illustrated by Vincent van Gogh

See life through a fox’s perspective as he explores the world! Watch how he figures out who he is and what he should do.  Follow two boys, Vincent and Theo, as they chase after the fox through van Gogh’s paintings.  Can they save this fox from a farmer?  Will the fox figure out what he wants to do and be?  Vincent, Theo and the Fox brings a whole new perspective and imagining to van Gogh’s paintings.

My son was beyond the edge of his seat as we read through, Vincent, Theo and the Fox.  He could hardly contain himself as he worried about the fox and cheered for the boys to save him from the farmer!

It’s such a fun and memorable way to introduce my son to van Gogh’s incredible paintings.  After reading Vincent, Theo and the Fox, we were inspired to check out the Van Gogh Museum’s website.  (Have you done that?  It’s an amazing site.)

All Ages.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.  March 2014. 36 pages. ISBN:  978-1495487514. Fiction.

Where to Get it

You Should Read Vincent, Theo and the Fox because:

  • It’s really brilliant.  It will have children eagerly and enthusiastically looking into van Gogh’s paintings to find that fox!
  • It has a wonderful narrative that connects van Gogh’s paintings in a new way. It’s a compelling and suspenseful story that has a wonderful ending.  It makes van Gogh’s paintings even more memorable.
  • Introduces readers to van Gogh’s familiar and not-so-familiar paintings.
  • This is the first book I’ve read where the illustrations are storied instead of the story being illustrated.  It’s a fun twist!
  • It’s also one of the few stories where the illustrations are presented from a first-person perspective and not third-person.  It adds a depth of imagination that I’m not used to in picture books.  I can’t think of any other picture book doing this — it’s wonderful!
  • Vincent, Theo and the Fox gives a great epilogue with facts about van Gogh’s life, a list of van Gogh’s works used, and references for more information about van Gogh.

How My Four-Year-Old Son Responded to Vincent, Theo and the Fox:

Being an adult, I enjoyed this book because I thought it was clever and well executed. I love looking at beautiful art by Vincent van Gogh. It’s great!  I didn’t think I could enjoy it any more than I already did… until I read it with my son.

Reading it with my son, I saw it with completely new eyes.  This book is absolutely brilliant.  My son’s eye’s lit up as he eagerly and intently searched for the fox.  He would then jump up and say, “There! I saw it!  Did you see it?”  I was so surprised, because he’s not really like that.  He doesn’t really make things up when we’re reading a story.  He’ll often use characters and stories that we read as part of his pretend play, but he doesn’t tend to pretend while we’re reading.  This book inspired him immediately.  It was so much fun to read this with him and watch him eagerly (so eagerly!) look for the very elusive fox.

It has also been wonderful to watch him sit with this book by himself looking intently for the fox in van Gogh’s paintings.  Vincent, Theo and the Fox has given van Gogh’s paintings a cohesive story that pulls my son in and engages him instantly.  This story is about two boys trying to save a fox.  In order to save him they have to chase him and catch him.  Next to digging and construction vehicles, the love of my son’s life is: chase.  So reading about these boys chasing a fox to save him was very suspenseful and a most compelling read for my four-year-old boy.

He absolutely loves Vincent, Theo and the Fox. Each time we read it, he gets so excited and has so much fun.

I’ve never read a picture book quite like this one.  It’s wonderful!

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