Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell

[I received a review copy of this book from the author.  No other compensation was received.]

Awww, pickles! What is it about bedtime? It does not seem to matter that bedtime happens every single night — it is always a disappointment when you are little. However, when you live on a tugboat with a most fashionably adorned Jacques-Cousteau-cap-wearing Octopus, there’s hope! Happily, Octopus will help you get ready! Ready for fun! Oh, Octopus! He means well, but let’s just say his ideas about getting ready for bed are just a bit unconventional.

Thank You, Octopus is about an octopus helping his buddy get ready for bed! First they’ll take a bath, then put on pajamas, brush teeth, and read a story — but be prepared for some egg salad (which you cannot help but imagine being squished between your toes), the Statue of Liberty, monsters, robot language, and oh, don’t forget the bear! Bear HUG! Told exclusively in dialog, it is so much fun to have your little one join in with you saying, “No, Thank You!”

Thank You, Octopus is not a sweet sing-songy or a lull-you-to-sleep sort of bedtime book — this is a hilarious bedtime book that is perfect for when everyone is deliriously tired. Well, truly, it is perfect for any time, but… I can attest to the fact that, yes, one night when I read this book to my son before bedtime he giggled so much that he got the hiccups. (Which then led to more giggles… it was fun.)

The illustrations created in pencil with predominately reds, blues, and creams are clean and modern with touches of classic and iconic images. As you read, you’ll quickly notice Jacques Cousteau’s iconic red cap, New York City’s skyline, and the Statue of Liberty. Even Octopus’s eyes, with one being an exaggerated large circle, reminds me of Pete, the dog from the classic show The Little Rascals. Then there are the sweet, idyllic-childhood details like a tugboat, the cute hooded-animal towels, and even the gingerbread man!

However, be careful! The illustrations are deceptively simple. If you read it too fast, you’ll miss all of the incredible details! Fortunately, you and yours will want to read this book a gazillion times — so don’t worry too much, just enjoy the giggles and the fun!

All Ages.  Dial Books for Young Readers.  May 2014. 40 pages. ISBN:  978-0803734388. Fiction.

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You Should Read Thank You, Octopus because:

  • It is crazy! Crazy Good!
  • The illustrations are so much fun and so superbly done. There’s a seek-and-find quality to the illustrations where the details gently foreshadow the next set of events. These details do a marvelous job of building suspense even when you know what is about to happen.
  • It has a uniquely sophisticated sense of humor that reflects the child’s literal interpretation of language and takes that to an extreme that both parents and children can easily identify with and laugh.
  • The humor is very good natured.
  • There is a point when Octopus takes things a little too far, and his buddy has had enough. I am impressed with how they smooth things over. It is a great example of resiliency while being very funny.
  • Manners! The excellently placed “Thank Yous” and “No, Thank Yous” drive home the point that even when someone offers you something ridiculous the best response is usually a polite one.
  • Reluctant Reader or Studying English? The text is all in dialog with repeating words and phrases, in large text, and is fairly sparse — while making you laugh the entire time.
  • It’s really wonderful!  It’s a joy and I am sure you’ll love it!

Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell. Image Courtesy of Darren Farrell.

Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell.  Images Courtesy of Darren Farrell.

Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell. Images Courtesy of Darren Farrell.

Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell. Images Courtesy of Darren Farrell.

Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell. Images Courtesy of Darren Farrell.

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      • Just read it and had a little trouble with the illustrations (some were confusing/hard to read), but I love the premise and I’d say I like the very last page the best 🙂 I also enjoyed the endflap with the author description 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • Was it because it was in comic book dialogue bubbles? When I first started reading graphic novels and comic books, I noticed it took me a bit to get the hang of how to read through the pictures. Thank you for mentioning it.

          The ending is especially funny. Did you notice the back cover? “Still by Darren Farrell” — subtle, but that made me laugh in surprise.

          I’m so glad you got a chance to read it. Thank you for letting me know! I love hearing what you thought about it.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Nope, it wasn’t the bubbles themselves, though I think I would’ve preferred their colors be diferent since it seems it was the use of a lot of busy patterns and many colors too similar in shade so the contrasts, etc. which, for me (in my opinion) made them harder to “read.” The pages with less going on in that way were much easier to take in. Also, I hadn’t noticed, in the end paper at the beginning, that the boy and octopus were on a ship, so I had to figure out where they were on the first spread. Also, no, I missed the back cover! lol Thanks for pointing that out 🙂


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