Peace is an Offering by Annette Le Box and Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin

[I received a review copy of this book from the publisher.  No other compensation was received.]

Peace is an Offering is a prayer, a meditation, and a hope for a better world.  Yet, it goes beyond simply crossing our fingers and presenting a “nice idea” with giving children real things that they can do for themselves and each other.  When you take small things like giving a kiss, saying nice things to each other, and keeping a person company and then frame it in the bigger context of making the world a better place — you get a picture book that is gently motivating and enlightening for children and adults alike.

Title: Peace is an Offering

Author:  Annette Le Box

Illustrator:  Stephanie Graegin

Dial Books, March 2015, Fiction. ISBN: 978-0803740914

Suitable For Ages: 3 – 5+ (Really all ages.)


Peace, Friendship, Contributing to Others


“Peace is an offering.  A muffin or a peach.  A birthday invitation.  A trip to the beach.

Brief Synopsis:

Peace is an Offering is a sweetly illustrated and gentle poem that gives us tangible ways to promote peace every day among each other.

From Peace is an Offering. Image Courtesy of Dial Books for Young Readers.

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Why I Like Peace is an Offering and Why You Should Read It:

  • Peace is an Offering turns a vague notion of a good idea into small but actual things we can do to help make the world a better place.
  • The illustrations are so sweet and filled with people from all walks of life having fun, comforting each other, and helping each other.
  • While the premise is simple, this isn’t a “fluff” book.  There are some difficult and dark aspects of life addressed such as:  when someone has lost their home, September 11th (“The rubble of a fallen tower.), when someone has lost someone dear (a little boy whose dog has either died or gone missing is depicted), and  bullying.  This book shows that there can be peace found even when there has been darkness.
  •  It ends with a truly lovely blessing to the readers:  “May peace walk beside you wherever you are.”
  • This book shows that our actions are important and do make an important difference in the lives of those around us.
  • This book calls attention to the beauty and gravity of the small and simple things in life — a kiss, raindrops, walks, and bowls of hot stew.  Things that can often get overlooked are beautifully illustrated and presented to us in a way that highlights their importance in making our lives better.
  • For my eldest son, this book is an excellent reminder that words and actions of peace are powerful.  He’s big into construction, superheros, and “getting the bad guy” —  this is a great book to show him that peace is important and takes more power than “fighting the bad guy” any day.
  • For my youngest son, this book is written in verse with rich illustrations and spare text — so that even a one-year-old can enjoy.
  • This book is very inclusive of all genders — which is so nice.  I have found a lot of books that promote peace are over-the-top in their orientation to girls — which certainly has its appeal — but it is nice to show my son that there is nothing inherently feminine about peace.  Peace is a universal quality and desire for all people.

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I’m sharing this post with Perfect Picture Book Fridays over at Susanna Leonard Hill’s fantastic blog!  Her website is an incredible resource for picture book reviews and all things children’s books.  I’m always impressed with what I find on her site.  Please take a moment and check out lots of other picture book reviews.


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