Pogwin by Jamie Shaw & Chris Harrendence


Pogwin is a picture book that looks truly beautiful and magical.

“Pogwin tells the tale of a reclusive creature who lives in an abandoned wood on a busy traffic roundabout. This once ancient woodland is now hemmed in by over-developed urban sprawl. It has been reduced to a small copse of trees but it is still rich in biodiversity. The wood is protected by Pogwin’s stewardship and his chlorophilia! Oblivious to the secret world within, people race past never noticing Pogwin and the animals that live there.”

Take a look at some of the images below and learn more about this book and Pogwin’s creators Jamie and Chris at Kickstarter!  Or you can visit their site at Sky Mountain Media to learn more!

Of special interest to those who are looking at using crowdfunding to publish their books is this from their site:

“We want to give something back to all those who are kind enough to follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page …or both! So we are keeping a diary of the whole project, from the start of the creative process right through to the day we send the final book out.

Our loyal Twitter and Facebook fans will be able to receive a copy of this report which will be full of useful info should they decide to go down the crowdfunding route. There’s so much involved in running a crowdfunding campaign. It will be a handy guide for all you budding children’s book publishers. We expect to send it out, by e-mail, around September 2105. Not too far away folks!”

Their campaign ends in 10 days and I’d love to see this amazing book funded!

Good luck to Jamie and Chris!


From Pogwin. Image Courtesy Sky Mountain Media.


From Pogwin. Image Courtesy of Sky Mountain Media.


From Pogwin. Image Courtesy of Sky Mountain Media.


From Pogwin. Image Courtesy of Sky Mountain Media.

Come on

From Pogwin. Image Courtesy of Sky Mountain Media.


From Pogwin. Image Courtesy of Sky Mountain Media.


From Pogwin. Image Courtesy of Sky Mountain Media.

Just a note:  I’m not affiliated with the authors or illustrators and I have received no compensation at all for this post other than their generosity in letting me use their images.  It looks like a beautiful and well-done picture book — and that’s all the reason I need.


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