The Tinyville Town Series by Brian Biggs

[Reviewed from Copy Courtesy of Abrams Books]Tinyville Town

In Tinyville Town Gets to Work! author and illustrator Brian Biggs gives us a charming and warm introduction to a wonderful world full of diverse, hardworking, smiling, and capable individuals.

Tinyville people

From the Tinyville Town Series. Abrams Books for Young Readers.

Usually in Tinyville Town thing go according to plan: bus drivers drive, bakers bake, trash collectors collect — it all makes sense.

Gets to Work 1

But today, the bus is late, the trash hasn’t been collected, and the bakery is still closed! What gives?

Traffic.  That’s what.

The people, all jammed on a single bridge, cry that they need a new bridge — and they certainly do!

Gets to Work 2

Mayor Murphy gets to work!  He meets with the town engineer and the city planner. They work out a plan and get to it.

Gets to Work 3

Much to the delight of both my sons, the book shows construction, construction, and more construction of the bridge. The crew is a diverse group of people with up to 40% of some spreads having women construction workers. The town is also beautifully integrated featuring people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Then finally after lots of work, the bridge is finished and the town celebrates!  It is a joyous occasion for all. As a bonus, it looks like they turn the old bridge into a beautiful pedestrian bridge.

All is well. It’ll make you happy.

Tinyville Town is the kind of place everyone wants to live.

Tinyville Town has a wonderful interplay of good people, problem solving, and resolving exterior conflict.  Everyone gets along well and they work together in a satisfying way. My three-year-old was elated with this book and we read it over and over again. It travels with him from the living room to the dining room to the bedroom. He declared it a favorite and enjoys explaining it back to me. Much to my dismay, my youngest son isn’t that into books in general — so when he gets excited about a book it is a big deal — and this book delivers.

I’ve particularly enjoyed reading Tinyville Town Get to Work! to both of my sons at the same time.  They are only three years apart, but it is still tricky finding books that we can all enjoy together.  Between the engaging plot, lovable, smiling characters, and the endearing illustrations, Tinyville Town Gets to Work!  is definitely one that easily appeals to everyone.

Tinyville Town Gets to Work. Recommended Ages 3 to 5. Abrams Appleseed. September 2016. 32 pages. ISBN: 978-1419721335 Picture Book.

There are also board books in this series:  Tinyville Town I’m a Firefighter, Tinyville Town I’m a Veterinarian, and Tinyville Town I’m a Librarian. They’re all fantastic.



Each book takes you through the day and the life of what it is like to be either a firefighter, veterinarian, or a librarian.  They wake up, they get ready for work, they talk with you as they solve a problem, and then they head home ready for tomorrow.  The structure of each book is straightforward, informative, and fun.



We’ve read (and read and read some more) and love them all.  The characters are the same from the Tinyville Town Gets to Work picture book and the continuity of the characters gives a feeling of recognition and makes you care that much more about what’s going on with them.  My three-year-old gets so excited  and points out who each character is and he’ll happily talk about the characters to anyone who’ll listen.

I'm a Firefighter 1

Even at seven years old, my eldest son finds them entertaining and interesting. I’ve found him reading through I’m a Firefighter many times with his little brother and they both have a great time.  I think I’m a Librarian is especially brilliant and it makes me smile throughout.

I'm a Librarian Spread 1

The whole series has a Richard Scarry feel to them, but they are more modern, diverse, integrated, and inclusive in plot and characters.  I’m so happy these books are in the world.  There is something in the Tinyville Town series for everyone.



More Tinyville Town books are available. Tinyville Town Time for School was released in June and Tinyville Town I’m a Police Officer was released August 1st. Coming March 2018 is Tinyville Town I’m a Mail Carrier.

Keep ’em coming, Mr. Biggs. They’re the best.

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