Marigold Bakes a Cake by Mike Malbrough


Marigold Bakes a Cake got a really good laugh out of me and the kids. The cover tells you immediately that things aren’t going to go this cat’s way, but how things go awry and why surprised us all. This is a great book to read when nothing is going your way and you find yourself surrounded by others who absolutely cannot take a hint.

Marigold loves Mondays because Mondays are for baking. Alone! (Thank you very much.) He’s serious about this. He even puts up a sign on the front of his house. Don’t mess with him. On Mondays he luxuriously pours over baking articles, he clips recipes, and ponders new ideas. Then he gets to work!

But this Monday is different, he’s baking and having a great time, but then a finch has the nerve to just shows up uninvited dressed in a chef’s hat and wants to join in. No, thank you! Marigold will have none of that. He kicks out the finch and promptly gets back to it. He’s baking away and then pigeons show up! Gah! NO! He shoos them out and is only back to baking for a moment before loons come along! Marigold cannot be accused of being passive aggressive. For better or for worse, he is explicit and direct in how he feels about the birds interrupting him. He’s furious and after a pretty intense tussle decides it is best for him to go on a walk. Maybe that will help.

Or not.

As soon as he’s gone the birds descend on his baking. And while they certainly mean well, those birds just don’t quite get it right. Themes of optimism and persistence are hilariously dashed. Introverts and those who enjoy alone time will find a kindred spirit in Marigold.

The artwork is charming and makes readers root for this orange, meticulous composed, bow-tie wearing, cake-loving kitty from the start. Not an ideal book for teaching peaceful conflict resolution or that persistence is rewarded – but it is an ideal one for laughing and feeling reassured that it isn’t personal, sometimes life just doesn’t go how you think it should.

This book is nominated for a Cybils Award in Fiction Picture Books. Have you nominated a book yet? You have until October 15th, 2017. I hope you will!  Click here to learn more. 

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