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It’s gotten so much better over the years, but when my kids were very little I spent a lot of time just being scared that something was going to happen to them. I was always amazed at how other parents seemed so calm all the time, because I was often scared. I am so much happier now that my kids are older. Their internal sense of self-preservation still isn’t great, but it, too, has gotten so much better over the years.

So when Bubble Wrap Girl by Kari van Wakeren and illustrated by CA Nobens crossed my path — I laughed when I read the premise. I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for a protective bubble for my kids.

Bubble Wrap Girl does a great job with exploring the wish to protect our kids and runs with it in the best of ways. We meet Izzy Magee, who is a very active child. Whether it’s soccer, riding a bike, going to a dance party, or having a picnic at the park – Izzy Magee is on the go. But as kids tend to do, sometimes she gets hurt. She wacks herself while playing, trips, bangs hands, stubs her toes, and slips… And she really hates getting hurt.

To counter her getting hurt, her parents start wrapping her in bubble wrap, and in many ways it’s great. She doesn’t get hurt while playing… but everything she enjoys doing becomes a little harder because the bubble wrap hinders her in some way. By the end of the week, Izzy is all done with the bubble wrap holding her back and decides that the risk of getting hurt is worth being able to do the things that she loves. And off she goes!

Bubble Wrap Girl is an engaging picture book and had my boys’ full attention through it all. It does an excellent job of showing kids and adults alike that yes, you may get hurt, but getting back up is the way better than always trying to protect yourself from every little bump out there.

As we read, my boys would give very sympathetic, “Oh nos!” when Izzy would get hurt and loved the idea of being wrapped in bubble wrap. My littlest one even asked, “Would you do that to me?” But wasn’t as keen on the idea by the end of the book. My eldest was proclaiming that when he became an adult he’d invent something that was able to protect people while not hindering them — and I wished him lots of luck there. (Who knows? Maybe he will.)

There’s great pacing and repetition. I’m working on the days of the week with my kids and it was great reviewing the days of the week here in the context of a story. Bubble Wrap Girl also prompted a great discussion about risk and reward and both my sons wanted to talk about various times they’ve been hurt but ended up being okay. It’s a wonderful story for kids who are fearful of getting hurt and a good one for parents to read as to why we can’t reasonably wrap our kids in bubble wrap, no matter how much we wish we could.

The illustrations set a great mood and tone for the story — with especially nice touches to facial expressions. Everything about the way the pictures are done makes for a warm and inviting experience. The layout makes it easy to read and gives the reader great clues as to how it should be read. Short enough that it doesn’t feel daunting to read to your kids after a long day, but long enough that it tells a full and well-developed story.

We really enjoyed it! I hope you get to check it out!

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