Cookiebot: A Harry and Horsie Adventure by Katie Van Camp and Illustrated by Lincoln Agnew

The Short:  This is an awesome book.  It is so much fun to read and I’ve read this book many times over.  I love it, my son loves it, and my husband even loves it.  We highly recommend this book.

The Long:  This story is about a boy named Harry and his toy, Horsie, who create a robot to get the cookie jar from the top of the refrigerator.  The robot malfunctions and an adventure ensues.  It is wonderfully written and the illustrations are perfect.  So perfect, I wished that there could be a shirt available.  Low and behold, there are toddler shirts available on the Harry and Horsie website:  I’m more than happy to have my son run around being an advertisement for such a great book.  (We ordered three shirts and yes, my son looks pretty darn cute in them.)

My son and I created a Duplo inspired Cookiebot the other morning.  We then spent the morning playing with our homemade Cookiebot.  It was good times.

The characters are excellent.  I didn’t feel the need to edit anything when reading this book to my two-year-old son.  It is a lot of fun to read out loud — especially when you say, “Cookiebot” in a dramatic superhero voice.

The only downside is that this book leaves you craving cookies and milk — but then again, is that really a downside?

Where Obtained:  Library.

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