The Insomniacs

By Karina Wolf and illustrated by The Brothers Hilts

This book is amazingly illustrated.  It has a Tim Burton meets Despicable Me feel to it but is still something unique unto itself.  I was intrigued with it from the moment I picked it up off of the library shelf.

This book is about a family that moves to a different time zone.  At first they have jet lag, but they find that they are happier sleeping during the day and being awake during the night.  It is a simple enough story line.  My two year old easily followed it.  My favorite lines in the book are, “Mika wrangled her nighttime pets — an aardvark, an angel shark, a bandicoot and a small-eared zorro frisked in Mika’s room.  A fennec fox lived under her bed, and she fed him night beetles.”  I love introducing my son to lesser known animals and this was a fun way to do it.  You even learn about how different animals sleep in this book.

Usually, I wait to see if my son will ask me to read a book to him again.  I didn’t need to or want to wait.  Once we finished it, we just started reading it again.  Such a good book!

All of the characters are wonderful.  They have a problem (they can’t sleep) and they figure out how to solve it in a way that works best for them.  I didn’t edit/censor a single word in or out of this book when reading it to my two year old.  It’s a fantastic, fantastic book.  It is on my to-be-purchased-soon list.  We’ll be reading this book over and over again.

What a wonderful book and what a great debut for Karina Wolf.  I’m interested in seeing what else The Brothers Hilts have done.  Really, I’m blown away.

Where Obtained:  Library.

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