Billy and Milly Short and Silly by Eve B. Feldman and Illustrated by Tuesday Mourning


Billy & Milly Short & Silly by Eve B. Feldman and Illustrated by Tuesday Mourning.

My son LOVES this book.  It is a simple and fun book.  This book has an illustration along with a word.  For example, there is an illustration of a boy packing a pinata with candy and above the illustration is the word, “pack.”  For each two pages of the book, the illustrations are related and all of the words rhyme.  It is put together very well.

I have read all 49 of the words in this book probably 20 times in the past three days.  I’ve started making up stories and creating sentences out of these words.  Because as great as this book is, there are only so many times you can read the same 49 words.

After reading it a few times, my son started asking me questions about the pictures.  I started sounding out the words in the book to him and it has become a very interactive book for us.  I dig it.  It is a great introduction to literacy.

I like this book and my son could not be happier with it.  We have read it again and again and again and we will probably read it again and again and again.

Where Obtained:  Library.

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