The Mighty Street Sweeper by Patrick Moore

At a Glance:  We’ve had this book for three days and both my son and I about have this book memorized.  There’s nothing to edit for a two-year old.  It is all about different kinds of vehicles.  I learned a few things about trucks that I never knew and my son asks for this book over and over and over again.  We highly recommend it.

The Longer Review:  This book is pretty funny.  Here’s how it starts:  “The biggest, fastest, most powerful truck… is not the street sweeper.”  It then goes on to talk about how other vehicles are larger and more powerful, but in the end, “no other truck keeps the roads clean like the mighty street sweeper.”  It is a simple comparison book of various vehicles to the street sweeper.

The part that made me laugh out loud?  “The electromagnetic crane can pick up a two-ton automobile.  The street sweeper can pick up a gum wrapper.”  I started rooting for the street sweeper from the get go.

My son is a big fan of the street sweeper.  Every Wednesday we watch as the street sweeper goes by our house.  It provides almost a minute of pure entertainment as it drives by.  With this book we can enjoy the glory that is the street sweeper for as long as we want.

It is wonderfully illustrated.  My son asks a lot of questions when we read it.  I now know that a boom pump can squirt tons of concrete.  (There’s another wrinkle in my brain.)  Good times.  We dig this book.

This is another book I grabbed off the library shelf.  I hadn’t heard about it or seen it before.  It looks like Patrick Moore has a few other books:  that we’ll be checking out.

So, write on Patrick Moore!  If he keeps this up he’ll have throngs of two-year-old children cheering his name!

Oh!  Moment of Cuteness/Surprised the Heck Out of Me:  As we were reading this book my son pointed to one of the trucks and asked what it was.  I said, “That’s a tow truck caring a bulldozer.”  He said, “Actually, that’s an excavator.”  I looked again and sure enough, it is an excavator on the back of the tow truck.  I said, “You’re absolutely right.  I’m sorry!  It IS an excavator.”  He nodded his head.  “It’s okay.  You weren’t thinking.”  He certainly called me out on that one.

Where Obtained:  Library.

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