Odd Dog by Claudia Boldt

At a Glance:  Great book.  We recommend it.  There’s nothing needed to edit for a two year old.  It has a nice ending and I really like the illustrations.  I think people of all ages will enjoy this book.

The Longer Review:  This story is about a dog named Peanut.  Peanut is an odd dog because he doesn’t really like bones.  He loves apples.  Which is convenient because he has a wonderful apple tree in his backyard.  The biggest drawback to his love of apples is that it makes him suspicious of Milo, the dog next door.  Peanut is always so worried that Milo is plotting to steal his wonderful apples.  His anxiety over this is so intense, that I might recommend he go talk to a professional.  One day, the juiciest apple falls off his tree and into Milo’s yard.  Peanut is devastated until Milo says, “‘Here you go, Peanut!  This apple looks very ripe and juicy, and I know how much you love them.'”  It turns out that Milo doesn’t even like apples… he prefers bones.  From that day on, they’re best friends.

After reading this book my son said that he didn’t really like apples.  He likes bones.  He then pronounced himself a puppy dog.  I then pronounced myself a mama dog and that I liked to snorgle puppy dogs — especially if that puppy dog used to be my child.  This resulted in a tickle fest peppered with some zerberts.

We were then inspired to have some apple slices for a snack.

So all in all, I’d call this book a win.  We’ve read it a few times in the past three days.  We’ll definitely be reading it again.

Where Obtained:  Library.

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