Demolition by Sally Sutton and Illustrated by Brian Lovelock


Demolition by Sally Sutton and Illustrated by Brian Lovelock.

At a Glance:  “Grab your gear.  Grab your gear.  Buckle, tie, and strap.  Safety jackets, boots, and hats.  Zip!  Stamp! Snap!”  This is a fun book about a crew demolishing an old building and building a playground.  My son loves all things dealing with machines and construction.  He’s really enjoyed this book.  We happily recommend this book.  It is one that we’ve read and read and read again.

The Longer Review:  This book was a recommended read from Amazon — so I checked it out from the library.  We’ve checked it out several times at this point.  There’s something impressive about hearing my son say, “Rotational Hydraulic Shears,” and reciting random phrases from this book.  Warning:  The rhyme and rhythm to this book is incredibly catchy.  I’ve found myself reciting passages from this book when I’m doing something else entirely. “Shred the wood.  Shred the wood.  Split and chop and chip.  Turn the sawdust into mulch.  Screech! Scrunch!  Rip!”  I’ll also make up my own words to whatever I’m doing — just because the rhythm is so catchy.

The illustrations are beautiful and impressive.  The images have a very technical feel to them but in a way that works well for my son.  I’ve found him grabbing this book off the shelf and looking through it by himself when I’ve been otherwise occupied.

If you have a kiddo that likes construction vehicles, I have no doubts that you and your kiddo will enjoy reading this book.

Where Obtained:  Library.

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