Fancy Nancy The Musical: Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording by Susan DiLallo and Danny Abosch

Fancy Nancy The MusicalFancy Nancy The Musical:  Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording. Book and Lyrics by Susan DiLallo.  Music and Lyrics by Danny Abosch.  Ages 4 – 8 (2.5 year old son loves it).  Ghostlight Records.  April 2013.  Run time: Approx. 35 mins.  ASIN: B00BRKZ0QQ Fiction. $17.99

Summary:  The musical is based on the book, Fancy Fancy Nancy Mermaid BalletNancy and the Mermaid Ballet. Nancy is going to be in her first ballet show.  She is hoping to be cast as a mermaid but is disappointed when she learns she is going to be a tree.  Savannah gets the part of the mermaid instead.  Savannah is then injured in an accident that renders her unable to be in the show. (She was on a bicycle when a cat jumped into her path.)  Bree, her best friend, is awarded the part of the mermaid leaving Nancy feeling jealous and confused.  It all ends well — Nancy, with help, pulls herself together and is able to be happy for Bree and enjoy performing in her first ballet.

Our Experience Listening to Fancy Nancy The Musical:  

I love the Fancy Nancy books.  They have good lessons and my son has learned a lot of excellent vocabulary words as a result.  My son may love construction vehicles with a passion but that certainly doesn’t preclude him from enjoying Fancy Nancy all the same.

Fancy Nancy The Musical  is a lot of fun!  The music is catchy, upbeat, and easy to like.  The lyrics are very clever and I found both me and my son singing them hours after listening to the CD.  It makes a great companion to the Fancy Nancy books.

The songs are fun and brilliant!  Each song is filled with “fancy” vocabulary words that are then defined — just like they are in the books.

The first time I turned on the CD my son raced into the kitchen to listen.  After listening to the song “Anyone Can Be Fancy” he asked for us to listen to it again.  It was love at first listen.

The sound quality is excellent and the performers are clearly talented and professional.

Each song stands well on its own.  On its own, it is a little difficult to follow the story line if you haven’t read the book its based on or seen one of the performances — so I recommend reading the book first (or going to go see one of the performances).

The range of songs and performers is impressive.  There’s a rap song, a slow song, a Caribbean-themed song, as well as classic musical numbers.  The lyrics are clever, fun, and do a perfect job of capturing the spirit of Fancy Nancy.  Lionel, one of the boys in Nancy’s ballet class, sings “Shark Rap” that my son especially enjoys with it’s,”Chomp, Chomp, Chomp,” refrain.

Fancy Nancy The Musical may be about a girl and her friends who are all excited to be in their first ballet — but it is also about doing the right thing (even when you don’t feel like it), making superb vocabulary choices, learning, growing, being true to yourself, and having fun.  The lyrics, music, and characters work well together to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Youtube Video: (Hear samples of the musical and see pictures from the Off-Broadway performance)

Listen to samples of all the songs here:

Lyrics and Music:

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