Giveaway! Feminist Baby by Loryn Brantz

[Prize pack and review copy provided by Disney Hyperion]:

Feminist Baby with her cute pink (and sometimes blue) bow and large, adorable eyes is not to be trifled with.  She is her own baby and fully intends to express herself in all her baby-ness and beyond.

Told in a sassy and lighthearted tone, Feminist Baby offers giggles and laughs and ends on an uplifting and determined note that this baby will be whatever she wants to be.

© 2017 by Loryn Brantz. Image Used with Permission.

Feminist Baby is not a gentle, sweet book about how she can be a good helper.  Instead it chronicles a baby as she pukes on you, refuses pants, makes noise, throws her toys, and really doesn’t care what you think of her clothes. She has her own agency, her own personhood, and fully inhabits her own dualities — because not only does she dance and rock out, but she also contemplates Einstein’s theory of relativity and plays with dolls, cars, and any pots and pans she can get a hold of. She’s anything but sweet and obedient.

The illustrations done in bold, black lines with alternating backgrounds of bright blue, pink, and yellow are eye catching and happily set the tone for you and the little ones to smile, laugh, and be aghast at Feminist Baby’s refreshing and shocking gall. I mean, *gasp*, she throws her toys! (This caused quite the stir among my boys!)

© 2017 by Loryn Brantz. Image Used with Permission.

If you’re interested in this book because you’ve read Loryn Brantz’s comic on Buzzfeed, know that this board book is much more mild than the comics.  You’re not going to discuss social construct, the patriarchy, say “af” after any sentence, and there’s no Bannon in a Hitler uniform. It’s told in rhyme, and really focuses on her being a baby and exploring her world.

This book is for ages 0 to 2, but I had fun reading it to my two boys ages 3 and 6. Their questions and reactions ranged from insightful to face-palm inducing.  When asking them after reading it what a feminist is – my youngest yelled that a, “Fen-men-is a baby that throws up on you and has no diaper!” Hmmmmm.  Not exactly what I was hoping he’d get out of this book, but you know, it is a start. And like I said, he was also shocked that she threw her toys, “She shouldn’t throw her toys!”

© 2017 by Loryn Brantz. Image Used with Permission.

My eldest son mused that a, “Feminist probably would like playing video games and that she probably gets into a lot of trouble for all the messes she makes.” I can’t argue with either of those statements. He was completely taken aback that she didn’t wear pants and showed off her butt.  I just looked at him and laughed and said, “Really? You goobers run around without pants AND you wag your butts. You think it is the funniest thing ever. Girl babies do this, too.” I tell you, it was a revelation for him.

Feminist Baby is fun, never takes itself too seriously, and yet is inspiring, thought-provoking, and is a great way to start talking with the world’s newest conversationalists about gender, equality, and what all of that might mean for our future.  I look forward to seeing more books and comics by Loryn Brantz.

Recommended Ages 0 to 2. Disney Hyperion. April 2017. 22 pages. ISBN: 978-1484778586 Fiction.

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