Tønsberg, Norway’s Beautiful Library

We’ll be back to reviewing books very soon, but I wanted to share some photos from our visit to Tønsberg’s Public Library in Norway.

This summer we took the kids to Norway to visit family.

The rumors are true: Norway is a beautiful country and the people we met were quite nice, laid back, and overall happy. Their English is excellent, their chocolate is divine, the air smells good, and their waffles are not to be missed. They have beautiful farms with big red barns, and it was so family and child friendly. Their recycling and compost system is efficient and easy, their bicycle lanes are lovely and stretch into rural areas, and Høyt & Lavt, a climbing park, is the most fun my family has ever had together. (No affiliation with them, we just went and liked it a lot.)

We spent most of our time in Tønsberg. It has beautiful boats, stunning views, the hardest mini-golf course in the world (or so it felt like), and overall just a fantastic place to spend time with family.

The whole area is very nice and the Tønsberg library is absolutely gorgeous. I got to spend a little while in the children’s section and snapped a few photos of books I love and books I would like to learn more about. They have children’s books in several languages and a large English-language section as well. You’ll certainly recognize some of the picture books, but there were so many that I had never heard of and am now on the look out for them.

The librarians do a fantastic job of creating beautiful and accessible displays. It is a comfortable, welcoming, and impressive place. If you are ever in the area, you have to stop by. You will be so glad that you did.


You can see more photos of this beautiful library and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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