Midsummer Knight by Gregory Rogers

So far, one of my absolute favorite picture books is The Hero of Little Street which is also by Gregory Rogers.  My son and I “read” it daily.  We’ve created our own words and dialogue to it and it is a lot of fun.  I even had the pleasure of nominating it for a Cybils Award.

I checked out Midsummer Knight because Gregory Rogers created it.  Interestingly enough, he has some of the same characters in Midsummer Knight as in The Hero of Little Street.  This has created an interesting problem when reading Midsummer Knight.  My son will only read this book until we get to the page where the butcher from The Hero of Little Street appears.  As soon as he sees the butcher — who is still the bad guy in Midsummer Knight — he shuts the book and says, “Too scary.”  This means we get about 12 pages into the book before he shuts it.

Interestingly enough, I think The Hero of Little Street is much scarier than Midsummer Knight.  My son doesn’t seem to share the same opinion.  I can’t figure out why he likes The Hero of Little Street so much but can’t get through Midsummer Knight.

We’ll keep plugging away at it or come back to it at a later date.  If I had to do over again, I would have read Midsummer Knight to him first and then The Hero of Little Street.  I think once we’re able to read the book all the way through, he won’t think it is so scary.

I’m impressed with this book.  I’ve read it all the way through and think it is a fun, adventurous book.  I think it is a lot more appropriate for a two year old than The Hero of Little Street, but the resident two year old disagrees.  I’ll see what else Gregory Rogers has created and see how my son reacts to it.

Where Obtained:  Library.

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