Asiago by Adam McHeffey

Asiago is a fun and wonderful book for my son.  He loves it!  I love it!  Together we enjoy reading this book.

About the book:  Asiago is a little vampire who lives with his uncle Gouda.  (Cute, right?)  One day Asiago’s non-vampire friends invite him to go to the beach with him.  Unfortunately, sun, garlic, and wooden stakes are the three things that are bad for vampires and Asiago has run-ins with all three at the beach.  Well, Asiago doesn’t exactly have a run-in with a wooden stake, but he does get a wooden splinter.  After these three experiences Asiago decides that he is better off being at home.  He goes home feeling pretty bummed out.  Fortunately, he has awesome friends who think of a way to cheer him up.  They invite him back to the beach at night for a party and he has a wonderful time.

I don’t know how many times we’ve read it at this point, but we’ve read it a lot.  I have enjoyed reading it to my son each time.  The illustrations are wonderful, the characters are kind and understanding, and the plot surprised me.  I like that there weren’t any arguments between the characters and Asiago didn’t throw a fit that things weren’t going his way — he tried to make it work, but when he realized that the beach just wasn’t for him he simply decided that he should go home.  His friends didn’t hold a grudge against him for leaving early — they thought of a way to make him happy.

I want to see more books like this.  I like how this book sets a good example of how to behave when things aren’t going your way.  I like how Asiago’s friends respond and I love how Asiago was hesitant at first, but went ahead with his friends back to the beach and had a great time.

Where Obtained:  Library.

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This is a great book for kids and their parents.  Read it, read it, and then read it again.  I’m so glad that we stumbled upon this book.


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